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The most convenient aspect to Home Staging is the utilization of the furniture and decor items that you already own. This is the foundation of our Opulence Home Staging service, and what makes it both a satisfying and economical venture. Our guarantee to you is our keen sense of style to ensure that the re-staging process effectively meets both our overall goal — to sell your home, fast!

As your personal Home Stagers, once our initial onsite consultation is complete, we perform an inventory of each room in order to choose which items will display beautifully, and those which need to be removed. This is an exciting aspect as we believe that the first box to be pre-packed sets the intention that you are one box closer to your new dream abode!

The next step is to address each space individually. Naturally, every room has a separate function, and our expertise will not only highlight that, it will enhance it through the buyers eyes.

At Opulence Home Staging, we also respect that you and your loved ones still need to reside within your space during the showing process. Relax! We will share “lived to staged” quick-fix regimes that will allow you to continue enjoying your home without compromising our staged ambiance. Rest assured, we are your service from concept to completion, with every detail in place.

To give you a general visual of what our staging service entails, following are a few strategies that will give you more insight into the complete stage. However, note that this is very much an “organic” process, and together we will “redesign and resale” in the most effective, budget-friendly way possible.

Opulence Home Staging YYCKITCHEN

Your kitchen is one of the most scrutinize areas from a buyers perspective. This is the central activity area which demands not only ideal navigation but “the chefs” personalization as well.

To attract that immediate appeal, the first and foremost task is to de-clutter all cupboards and appliances to enhance the illusion of space, and to also give the buyer enough “visual room” to imagine their own kitchenware residing (and family) there.

The same pertains to your counter tops, however here we need to concentrate on using key items to reflect an essence of “home” as well as lead the eye. This is where grouping of a few kitchen utilities pair well with unique “kitchen reflective” decorative accents. We also strive to enhance the mood by adding just a touch of living greenery to create that homey, organic appeal.


Opulence Home Staging YYCBATHROOMS

Toted as the second most investigated area within your home, your bathroom(s) must be scream sparkling clean! And this not only pertains to the sanitation!

When addressing bathroom staging, our simple rule is “design it as if it where located in a the Hilton!” And we are sure you can relate to this as well. Can you image checking in to your suite, only to find prescription drugs, toothbrushes and pink loofahs strewn throughout? First order of business – remove all personal items, display clean “functionals” (i.e towels), and use minimal decor accents.

Another “must-do” project is to add a fresh coat of paint and recaulk the tub, shower and sink. This makes to a world of difference and quickly hides years of use, inexpensively. Typically, bathrooms are the only space that require repainting.



This space is usually the most difficult area to de-personalize! And rightly so as we are all guilty of cherishing “family-related memoirs” in this “family-dedicated” environment. Our advice; address staging in this area with the mindfulness that you are packing those precious items in preparation for their new home. Remember, packing the first box will set the intention!

Rearranging your furniture within this area is the key player. Our goal here is to enhance the available space. Less has more impact, and areas to concentrate on include easy flow from the entrance, around to the window and past important focal points, such as a fireplace.

A staple in our staging protocol is to also allow color to pop; an effortless pursuit with the use of updated accent pillows, throws, strategically placed decor ornaments and living foliage.


Opulence Home Staging YYCBEDROOMS

Intimate area alert! Much like bathroom staging, your bedroom debut sells the buyer if designed to allow ones imagination to flow. Evacuating all items reflecting your individual tastes and persona is an ultimate must, however thoughtfully staged items, such books and reading glasses, will play on the emotion of your viewer!

Another top priority is an organized closet – just ask any woman. Stats reveal that out of all the closets in a home, the bedroom closet is the one that will most definitely be opened.

Linens and window treatments are next on the list. Being that they are the focal point, it is important that these items are clean and pressed. The condition is just as important, and if soiled, torn or outdated, be prepared to go shopping!



For most, these areas reflect that much sought-after “storage” space and so it is vital that we focus on making the room(s) look spacious. However, it must be noted that this available space is most likely where we will be storing all the items we have removed from the other rooms throughout the house so we have to pay particular attention to the staging.

One application that works wonders in hiding the “stuff that has no home” within matching plastic bins. Not only does this create a clean visual, the bins are ideal containers for moving. Investment well spent!

Attention to the condition of the laundry appliances and furnace play another key role in successful staging inclusive of replacing filters, removing dust/cobwebs, replacing light bulbs and detailing the appliances.

TIP: The ultimate “appeal-maker”…include a delicious throw rug!


Opulence Home Staging YYCGARAGE

Let’s face the facts. The “home” is primarily where the lady buyer makes the call, whilst the garage will peek the attention of the man’s man. Here, if anything, shelving rules, primarily because it allows for more available floor space to be displayed. A clean, spacious garage is a key selling point!

Much like our suggestion for your laundry/utility space, matching bins are a quick and inexpensive fix for hiding the typical garage clutter whilst creating an organized environment. But note that all does not have to be “out of site, out of mind.” By staging certain items, we have the power of enhancing just how “functional” a garage can be. On average, most home owners lack creativity within this space regularly, so our focus is create a bit of excitement around the possibilities!

Creativity included, our experts will ensure your garage is detailed like a fine sports car.


Opulence Home Staging YYCLANDSCAPING

Real Estate listing accessibility through the Internet has become a buyers “go-to” research resource for pre-qualifying the homes they wish to view. And yes, surveys do reveal that a high percentage of buyers will make the effort to drive-by the property prior to requesting a showing. And so with that said, the exterior of your property is just as important as the staged interior!

This is where the seasons play a key component is creating the welcoming appeal. Homes are about family and where memories flourish, giving us the perfect setting for tapping into the “buyers emotion” with just a touch of seasonal decor.

By simply staging (or re-staging) chairs on the veranda, placing a season-related wreath upon the door, and/or potted greenery, a world of competitive ambiance is at our fingertips!



Our service at Opulence Home Staging not only includes re-designing your abode for ultimate “buyer appeal,” we pay close attention to each and every detail required to “set the stage.” From revamping the interior, to sprucing up the the exterior, and onward to providing you and your Realtor with professional quality photography — rest assured — Opulence guarantees you a return what we consider your best “move-motivating” investments ever!

To book your initial in-home consultation, please contact us at 403 608-3710. We are available from 1pm to 7pm Tuesday through Saturday for your convenience.

Opulence Home Staging YYC

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