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My Story

I exude creativity – to which I have applied in a variety of fields. And although somewhat unrelated, this creative evolution has lead me toward my current path – your personal Real Estate Staging Creative Director!

As a Graphic Designer by “initial” trade (Visual Communications Graduate/MacEwan University), my eye for ambiance developed and refined over 30 years through creating “perception-appealing” visuals and “copywriting” that tapped into the emotion of the mainstream consumer.

In 1997, I leveraged my impact within this world of “emotional consumerism” through launching a local print publication focused on elevating the “brand power” of up-and-coming small business ventures. Rising Women Magazine empowered both business proprietor and consumer alike, and became a well-read, well-respected resource within the Calgary community.

In 2013, it was time to “shift the energy.” Social Media was starting to make a huge impact on our person-to-person connections, and I felt this “lost art” of “human interaction” was a desperate requirement throughout our business community. And so I remodeled my company structure and pursued producing major consumer tradeshows.

Enthusiastic? Definitely. Productive? Not so much. Although this experience greatly refined my sales skills, my creativity however, was being suffocated. As a seasoned entrepreneur, the concept of “fitting the job” just didn’t sit well, and so I once again took “thought to action” and resurrected my talent within the world of Home Staging and Real Estate Photography.

My Credentials

Aside from being a brilliant Real Estate Stager, I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer, Event Coordinator and seasoned Sales Professional.

I have taken an indepth course through the Certified Staging Professionals (CSP) International™ Training Academy and am a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) — two alliances that are internationally recognized for top-producers and ethical service.

I am also a Visual Communications graduate from MacEwan University, and a graduate of various photography courses (i.e. McEwan University, Red Deer College)

The Ambiance of Opulence

I am Maltese, and so I chose “Opulence” as our company name because the word itself is from a Latin descent, meaning “wealth, splendid.”

Numerically, the word configuration of “Opulence” is the number “1.” The energy attributes of number “1” words resonates with organization, achievement, strength, self-reliance, tenacity, authority, assertiveness, ambition, physical paradigm, will, focused consciousness, and the ability to use resources effectively.

Number “1” encourages stepping out of your comfort zone, creating your own reality, from thought to action, and seeking new paths.

Opulence reflects well with Home Staging as this service is all about re-staging the “energy attributes” within a space to instill “thought” and motivate “action;” the perfect ingredients for making the sale of your home a reality!

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